In the recent weeks, we’ve been releasing great new features to our Android and iOS apps. We think those features are so good, that they deserve a blog post.

What’s New?

  • Custom notification sounds lets you chose a notification sound for your iLert alerts that wake you up and differ from all other notification sounds on your phone.

  • Actionable push notifications: acknowledge incidents right from the lock screen without having to launch the app

  • Apple Watch: respond to incidents from your Apple Watch

  • On-call schedules: see who’s on call and override shifts within the app

  • Calendar export (iOS only): see your on-call schedules in your native calendar app. Your calendar will update automatically when the on-call schedule changes in iLert

  • New filter options for incidents: filter your incidents by date and incidents assigned to you with a single tap.

  • iPad Support


Got Feedback?

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